Super Extra Grande – Yoss (2012)

Super Extra Grande
Super Extra Grande Restless Books (2016)

The publishing house Restless Books has been quietly translating some stellar Cuban science-fiction as of late. From the venerable Augstín de Rojas, author of the Espiral (Spiral) trilogy to the rocking trailblazer Yoss (real name José Miguel Sánchez Gómez), they’ve translated some of the best sci-fi from the island into English for the first time.

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Introduction & The Piano-Tuner – Victor Kolupaev (1972)

Piano - Maria Blanchard
The Pianist – Maria Blanchard (1919)

Welcome to The Eastern Bloc. This is the first post in what is hoped to be many, exploring the world of science fiction in the really existing socialist nations (past and present). Each month we will publish a piece exploring some production, film, novel, or other aspect of science fiction from the socialist world.

To keep our theme of firsts, today we will be reviewing the short story “The Piano-Tuner” (Настройщик Роялей) by Victor Kolupaev – the first short story I read in the Russian language.

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